What is Customs Brokerage?

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Custom brokers are companies that help individuals and companies facilitate the shipment and goods delivery across borders. 

Each country has different sets of rules and regulations governing the entry and exit of goods from their borders and these regulations tend to change constantly. It is not easy for importers and exporters to keep track of these changes especially if they trade across many different countries. This is where the experience and expertise of customs brokers come in. 

Custom Brokerage Service – Key to Logistics Management

Custom brokerage service is key in logistics and supply chain management as it involves the streamlining of processes and documentation required for customs clearance. Custom brokers are trained and licensed to ensure professional handling of these processes. These are the individuals who will be responsible for facilitating international shipping without any hitch. 

Many freight forwarding companies provide custom brokerage service. In Malaysia, Empire World Express is one such company that has end-to-end service – from logistics to IOR EOR services to custom brokerage service – they ensure that their customers’ import and export process runs smoothly from start to finish. 

Apart from the paperwork and documentation, a customs broker also pays attention to the following checkpoints 

  1. Validity or existence of trademark licenses
  2. Possible import or export of counterfeit goods
  3. Possible contraband products

Peace of Mind

It is not easy to get customs clearance, especially with the varying rules and regulations from country to country. With the service of a customs brokerage company, businesses can alleviate the stress of keeping up with the regulatory changes and handling the nitty-gritty of the customs clearance processes.

Empire World Express is a leading logistics company in Malaysia that assist businesses to have a seamless experience when importing or exporting their products. From transportation to customs brokerage, Empire World is ready to help!