Renowned Machine Fabrication Company In Malaysia

General Systems Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (GSE) is an ISO certified company specializing in the design of surface treatment systems, rubber/rubber process systems, industrial ovens and specific industrial process systems. We provide “turnkey solutions” for the automotive, medical, electronics and electrical, tools, oil and gas, aerospace and rubber industries.

General Systems Engineering Sdn Bhd (GSE) was founded by Alfred Cheong in 1992 and began to grow into a well-known machinery fabrication company in Malaysia, providing various engineering services and solutions. Since then, they have been a key proponent in the various industries that they serve.

In recent years, the expansion of large companies has allowed GSE to merge with Nippon Ltd. GSE Japan (GSE-JAPAN), and has a subsidiary – GSE-M Technology Co., Ltd in Malaysia.

With extensive experience, GSE is committed to providing excellent standards in industrial ovens, surface treatment systems, specific industrial processes, and engineering and manufacturing services, and is committed to addressing every project to ensure high satisfaction. The folks at GSE take pride in delivering high-quality components, parts and fully finished products.

GSE’s firm commitment to upholding the “Build to Serve” slogan is one of the key components of their success. Industry leading products and good quality control has driven GSE to the pinnacle of the industry.

GSE develops and builds highly specialized or non-existent prototype and production machines from concept. This puts them at the forefront of pioneering new technology and engineering solutions. With years of experience in fabricating, GSE is able to add value to their services via expert consultation and professional research.

With the availability of state of the art fabrication facilities, the expert folks at GSE will take your concept or prototype machine, and prove its viability in real world applications. They will assist you step by step from prototype to the final fabrication process.

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