Listing Guidelines

Malaysia B2B Business Directory Listing Guidelines


Malaysia B2B Business Directory Listing Guidelines

Welcome to Malaysia B2B Business Directory. We know that you can’t wait for your business to be published in our awesome Online Business Directory.

Before you get started, please read through our guideline for your new listing.

Any submission that failed to follow our guideline will not be accepted and you might be wasting your time filling up information on our website.


Listing Format

When you clicked on ‘Add Listing‘ on the top right corner of the page, you’ll be required to include all these details.

Please follow this format to ensure that your submission to be published in our directory.

All the information listed below are required. Failed to complete any of the information will result in your submission going into our trash.

Secondly, please make sure that you always submit a unique description. We don’t want our site to get penalized by Search Engine as a result of heavy plagiarized content, that’s why we manually check each of the descriptions.


WARNING: Please DO NOT copy & paste your description. If you cannot take some of your time to write about your business or your company, then your business/company doesn’t deserve a listing in this directory.


Note: You do not need to register an account to submit listings.


Listing Format & Guidelines

  1. Listing Title: Company registered name (including Sdn Bhd)
  2. Location: Full company address
  3. Price: Area of company location (Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Cheras, etc.)
  4. Gallery Images: High definition/large image or screenshot of company website
  5. Phone: Business office contact number (include area code e.g. +603)
  6. Listing Category: Select category that most fit your business nature
  7. Description: Briefly describe the business (min. 100 words)
  8. Contact Email/UR:: Include the company website’s URL


Preview your listing to and select Submit Listing on the top right when you’re ready.

When you’re in doubt, refer to our Business Listing and check out how other businesses present their company in our directory.


What Company Will Be Featured in Malaysia B2B Business Directory?

  1. Malaysian registered business, including multinational businesses that registered their business in Malaysia under Malaysia Business Registration Act 1956.
  2. Foreign registered businesses are only allowed when the company/business has proven transaction or business relationship with Malaysia business. Contact us if you need further assistance on this.
  3. Only business with a valid & functioning website will be featured on Malaysia B2B Business Directory. We do not accept social media fan page for the listing.
  4. Only business with a physical location or office will be featured on Malaysia B2B Business Directory.
  5. The submission of business listing should be descriptive and from a third person view. Excessive promotional content on the listing will not be accepted.
  6. The listing accept subsidiaries of business only if those subsidiaries have their own website, with a unique top-level domain name.


Final Words

Please note that Malaysia B2B Business Directory reserve the right to edit or decline your submission to best fit our audience needs.

We strive to establish a trustworthy Online Business Directory for the Malaysian Business Community. Let’s fight against the spammy online directory and start building something great together!

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