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4 Key Reasons Why Dentist Visits Important As We Age

You might remember to conduct a regular medical checkup since you were young, but when is the last time you went for a dental checkup? Dental care spans a lifetime. In fact, you should visit the dentist more often as you age for the following key reasons. Note, this goes for everyone. Whether you have no teeth, got yours restored or replaced, or have dentures.   1. Gravity Our teeth and...
Taking Care of Your Eye & Vision

3 No-Brainer Ways To Remain Ahead Of Age-Related Vision Loss

We all know how important the eyes are, right? So, let's get straight to 3 easy practices that will help us stay ahead of age-related vision loss.   1. Use Safety Eyewear You only have one set of eyes which means, you should protect them at all cost. Whether at home, work, while traveling etc. If you encounter hazardous materials (of whatever nature), it would be wise to wear protective...