Why Compressed Air Audit is Important

Whether you are running an all new system, or one that has been running for years, the right compressors are important for your business. While reliable most of the time, these systems still require maintenance and checking to ensure they are running at optimum efficiency. Here are some of the reasons why compressed air audits are important.

1. Keeping costs efficient

While the hardware and installation is not the cheapest of any equipment, the true cost of a compressed air audit is its operating cost. In fact, an overwhelming amount of lifetime costs is largely attributed to energy costs. Depending on efficiency and models, some models may have up to 80% of its lifetime expenses devoted to just electricity.
One of the primary checkpoints for compressed air auditing is to make sure your system is maximized for energy efficiency. Energy consumption is property checked and they even check for areas that need improvement. With many reliable brands out there, some may require just a few minor tweaking and adjustments to significantly optimize its running efficiency.

2. Safety is the number one priority

As cliché as it sounds, safety is vital for any compressed air system. These systems are running pressure air which can cause significant injuries. Without regular checks, you may be overlooking some safety issues that can pose a danger to your employees and facilities. Wear and tear is always expected and regular audits can help you to detect them. While they may seem minor, these issues may deteriorate to major faults and disruptions that will cause more damage.

Professionals in auditing compressed air will spot damage or safety issues with your system and advise you on the best course of action. These include checks on the electrical components, pressure gauges, air hoses and more. Their job is to ensure that your system complies with industry safety standards.

3. A better alternative

While your facilities may be equipped with a workhorse that has performed its job for the last 10 years or so, it does not mean that it is the best for the job anymore. Industrial compressed air engineering has come a long way. Compressed air audits may help to check for safety issues and inefficiencies, they can also help to check if the system you are using is best suited for your current needs.

In fact, most air auditing companies also provide air compressor systems on their own. Whichever system your facilities need, it all goes down to your industrial requirements. These companies are able to provide you the necessary advice.

In short, compressed air audit is paramount to make sure your facilities are running at its best. Alpha Winac provides professional air auditing services and also solutions for your facilities.