Top 6 Must Buy Moms & Baby Products

Mom & Baby Products To Buy

Taking proper care of your newborn requires certain essential baby products as the early stage of a child is the most crucial.

These products, which would help ensure your baby is in excellent health condition, and out of harm’s way, should be at the top of your list. They will make taking care of your infant comfortable while allowing you to administer the best care on your baby.

Picking the right products from a liable baby shop will leave you satisfied and fulfilled. Here is a list of some top must buy baby products.


Mom & Baby Product Online Store in Malaysia


1. Baby Monitors

Although this might be one of the most expensive baby product, having a baby monitor is essential for your baby’s safety.

While baby monitors may not be immediately useful during the first few weeks after delivery, as the baby would be inseparable from his or her parents during this time it is advisable to have it installed in the baby’s room.

Most baby monitors are sold at cost-efficient rates and known for its durability and easy to install features.

You can easily get one from Motherhood’s online store with multiple brands & price to choose from.


2. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are available in numerous shops, including online shops. However, baby clothes sold at Ethissa, from Australia, are made from natural cotton, making it comfortable to wear.

You can easily buy one & get shipped to Malaysia at their Malaysia online store.


3. Breast Pump

A breast pump is used usually used by breastfeeding mothers to extract milk from their breast for their baby.

Though this isn’t really meant for the baby, it is used to ensure the baby gets enough milk to stay healthy. Breast pumps sold at Pigeon, Malaysia are reasonably cheap, and very convenient to use.

There are battery-operated baby pumps, electrical pumps, manual pumps, and hospital-grade pumps. These pumps slightly differ from one another.

Pigeon’s website has prepared some guide on those breast pumps. You can get advice from them when in doubt which one to choose.


4. Baby Toys

Toys are an essential baby product; however, care should be taken when picking them. Parents of newborns should ensure they select the appropriate one for their babies to ensure their safety.

Baby toys sold at Happikkido, are appropriately designed for newborns. Whether it’s something for the teeth or fun, our toys are well packaged to ensure the safety of every newborn.


5. First Aid Kit

This tool should be available in every home. It saves parents the trouble of ransacking the house for supplies in the event of an accident. You can easily get one from Guardian, Watson, or any Pharmacy nearby your house.


6. Baby Diapers

Diapers are generally an essential commodity for first-time parents. There are many beautifully and comfortably designed diapers, well arranged and packaged for easy use in the supermarket. Just pick one that you (or your toddler) love.



Buying baby products can be tasking, expensive and demanding; hence it’s best you online store to do some cost-comparison & research for the best products that suit your needs. Pigeon Malaysia are recommended online shop to buy breast pump for mom.

Some other baby product online store including Jarrons & Co., One Baby World, Babyland, and more.

There’re more products that you’ll need besides 6 that mentioned here, check out this list to get yourself prepare with all these mo  & baby products if you’re expecting newborns soon.


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