How to Start Your Own Skin Care Brand in Malaysia

Start Own Skincare Brand in Malaysia

Since the inception of skincare products thousands of years ago, the skincare industry has continued to boom with hundreds and thousands of brands springing up every day.

The various ingredients and technique used in producing these products, has changed over the years with the trend currently moving towards the use of natural products for skin.

In this article, we shall educate aspiring private skin care manufacturers on how to start a skincare and beauty product brand that would make them stand out from the already crowded skincare market.


Private Label Skin Care Products


Study Your Target Market

Once you are done with your preliminary research, proceed to study your target market. This stage is crucial if you desire to manufacture products that will make you stand out.

Irrespective of what your focus age group is, ensure your products has all the required properties needed by your target market.

Focus on what will make your product stand out. Use your ingredients creatively and look for that special one that will make your brand unique.


Carryout Extensive Research

Creating a successful and booming skincare brand business requires lots of energy, time, and effort.

The first and most vital step to creating a skincare brand is to carry out an extensive research on the type of products your prospective customers are itching to have, the kind of ingredients required to produce it and what the authority has to say on it.

You can read this article where our Ministry of Health banned some of the poisonous skincare products in the market.

Never make the mistake of creating a product without carrying out these researches. Depending on your objective and set goals, surfing the internet, reading books, and attending seminars will assist you in understanding this first phase better.

Hiring a market research company like Oppotus Group to do the hard work for you if you’re not the expert in researching.


Get Support

Experienced OEM skincare manufacturers manufacture all great beauty products in the market. Several skincare companies develop their own skincare products from private labeling & sell their product all across the world.

However, for those in Malaysia, seeking the right private label skin care manufacturing company with numerous years of expertise and experience.

Seek support from established OEM skincare manufacturer in Malaysia, such as Giovan Resources to get yourself started. They offer free consultation on making your skincare brand success.



To stand out as the best skin care products brand in the Malaysia market, look for your supplier that offers a comprehensive service for your private label products.

Although there are several cosmetics brands currently in the market, don’t hesitate to give this skincare business line a try.

Once your product is ready, it’s time for your marketing & product launching! Get help from advertising agencies like Locus-T and Capslock Pixel for your digital marketing campaign. While Art & Creative Media & AdEasy for your offline campaign.


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