VWA Water Ionizer

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12, Jalan PJS 1/28, Batu 7, Jalan Kelang Lama, Petaling Utama, 46000 Petaling Jaya+603-7784 4388 / +603-7782 3636 / +603 -7772 8889
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VWA Water –  World’s No.1 Water Ionizer in USA


VWA is World’s No.1 water ionizer in USA for more than 10 years and now it launched it in Malaysia. It is registered as a medical device by the Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA).  We have more than 29 International Authentications over the years.


VWA Water has the highest count of negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP) values and it means that it has a better antioxidant capability. This water filter also is known as the alkaline water filter. According to science, hydrogen water is the strongest antioxidant to deliver remarkable healthy and beauty effect.

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