SmartMES Singapore Pte Ltd

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43, Jalan Kota Raja F27/F, Hicom Town Centre, Section 27 40400 Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia+6012-6869842
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SmartMES Singapore Pte Ltd – The World’s 1st All-In-One Cloud-Based Manufacturing Planning Software


SmartMES Singapore Pte Ltd has developed SmartMES which is advanced all-in-one cloud-based manufacturing planning software. This software is for small to the mid-sized manufacturer as it enables them to take customer orders, plan the production and fulfill the orders.  


We got some feedback from our customers saying that this software allows them to get the updated on the product status and output as well as to have better marketing strategies because they have clear data.


This software is not only for manufacturers to embrace Industry 4.0, but it also helps our customers to set a specific goal as they have a better vision about the performance. This creates benefits for the manufacturing industry as well as the market.


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