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GM (referred to as GM), we are a professional international warehousing and logistics company. Founded in June 2015, the company is committed to providing Malaysian customers with a one-stop e-commerce freight service solution that allows users to quickly transfer, consolidate, air or ship their packages from China to Malaysia. With a cutting-edge transportation management system, we offer you a reliable transportation solution in Malaysia.

In Guangzhou, China, we have a large warehouse and a professional warehouse team to provide you with professional warehousing and logistics services. In Malaysia, we have a partnership with a number of couriers that allow you to choose the courier company you need to use and the shipping method you need. Therefore, the transportation services we provide in Malaysia not only reduce the cost of warehousing and transportation, but also meet the various needs of our customers.

As a superior shipping company in Malaysia, we have a complete warehousing and logistics system that allows our customers to place orders and use our services easily and conveniently, whether it is purchasing service, Taobao shipping, payment recharge service, warehousing service, air transportation. We can provide you with one-stop service for service and shipping services. In Malaysia, GM is your trusted carrier.

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