Who is the Best Health Supplement Manufacturer in Malaysia?

Health Supplement Manufacturer in Malaysia

In Malaysia today, there are billions of SMEs and multinational manufacturers who are offering professional services to manufacture and produce OEM food supplements to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own brand, and begin their own line of business in the health and beauty industry. 

If you are a rising entrepreneur looking for a professional health supplement manufacturer in Malaysia, then you’re in the right place. We’d like to introduce you to our recommended company, ProduxPro Sdn Bhd

The Country’s Preferred OEM Supplement Manufacturer in Malaysia

Below are a few top reasons as to why ProduxPro is highly preferred by many businesses in Malaysia. 

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification

Being an established health supplement manufacturer in Malaysia, ProduxPro has already been certified with a GMP certificate. As such, you can have full confidence in ProduxPro’s production of health supplements because they use cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment to ensure that your customers get the results they want to see, such as improvement in their health and immune system. 

  • Custom Formulations

On top of that, ProduxPro’s clients see them as an effective OEM supplement manufacturer in Malaysia because they provide custom formulations to suit the desires and needs of each individual business owner. They do this by sourcing for raw materials that are safe for consumption, and then they use advanced technology to turn your business ideas into a reality. 

  • Strict Quality Standards

ProduxPro has a team of highly trained and qualified professionals who are in charge of the quality department. These professionals work together with supervisors who help to ensure that strict quality assurance is upheld when your OEM food supplements are manufactured.

Aside from that, these professionals also inspect all raw materials carefully from top to bottom, before using them for the production or manufacturing stage. 

Types of OEM Food Supplements Manufactured By ProduxPro

As an OEM supplement manufacturer in Malaysia with a long standing experience, ProduxPro is capable of producing supplements such as softgels, capsules, vegetarian capsules, tablets and chewable tablets.