When Do You Need A Civil & Structural Engineering Company?

civil and structural engineering company

There are many types of engineering companies in Malaysia, such as civil engineering firms and also structural engineering companies. This could be confusing, especially if you do not know much about the engineering industry. There are also companies that do both services, meaning they are a civil and structural engineering company.

With that said, we decided to put together this article to explain when you need to hire a professional civil engineer, and the right time to hire a structural engineer.

What is a Professional Civil Engineer?

A civil engineer is also known as an engineering consultant in Malaysia. They typically design and maintain the structures of public and private buildings. But that’s not all. They are also responsible for designing water systems like sewages, infrastructures, airports, roads, highways and many more. 

If you are looking for someone in charge of designing the initial designs of a plan or construction works, then you should seek to hire a civil engineer as they are also aware of the regulations and laws when constructing any infrastructure publicly or privately.

What is a Professional Structural Engineer?

Like their name sounds, a structural engineer’s primary responsibility is to focus on the structural integrity of the design. Over here, they are also broadly known as engineering consultants in Malaysia

As such, they are experts in sourcing the right materials that help to strengthen the infrastructure, whether it is a highway, bridge, building or road, they are highly trained and equipped for the job. 

In most cases, they are not usually in charge of project planning, but they are expected to be very knowledgeable in load-bearing design and material inspection. 

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