What Are Google Workspace Backup Solutions?

Google Workspace Backup Solutions

Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite which is an advanced software that provides data protection against hackers who try to delete, overwrite or use ransomware tactics against your company. 

That is why you will require backup solutions for Google Workspace, if anything such as the above ever happens. By having such backup systems in place, you can safely secure your Google Workspace data protection through the use of cloud backup and recovery solutions. In this article we will recommend some of the best tools to help with your Google Workspace recovery and also Google Workspace data protection solutions. 

Tools & Solutions for Google Workspace Recovery

For the best Google Workspace recovery tool, we would highly advise using Spanning. With Spanining, it will help to automate recovery in just a few clicks for a wide range of Google tools like Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts and websites. 

Using Spanning, you can enjoy the best Google Workspace recovery system, and protect your business from any possible causes of data loss such as: human error, illegitimate deletion, program or technological errors, malicious employees, hackers and also, ransomware. 

Tools & Solutions for G Suite Data Protection

As for G Suite data protection tools, it is highly recommended to use CubeBackup which allows you to backup your Google Workspace data onto your Amazon S3 storage or on-premises storage at a very reasonable and affordable price. 

By using CubeBackup, you can have full control over your backups, and no longer have to worry about any significant issues such as data losses in your Google Drive, Team Drive, Contacts, Calendars and Site data. And there you have it, your Google Workspace data protection is now fully secured. 

As such, we believe that CubeBackup and Spanning are among the best Google Workspace backup solutions for your business. Why not try it out today, so that you can enhance your G Suite data protection?

Want more Google Workspace Data Protection Tools?

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One Centro is a professional company that is highly capable of recommending other great G Suite data protection products to help you secure and safeguard your data and protection. With that said, you can now be rest assured that your Google Workspace recovery is in good hands. Check out One Centro today!