Types of Industrial Cranes

Different types of cranes are used in construction work. A crane is a type of heavy equipment, tower or platform equipped with ropes and pulleys. It is used to raise or lower material. The most common use of cranes is in the construction and heavy equipment industries.

Various types of cranes

A construction crane is usually a temporary structure that is fixed to the ground or installed on a vehicle. The operator can control the crane using a radio control or a suspension control panel inside the gondola that moves with the crane.

Crane operator

The crane operator must be able to make the most of the crane. Some operators are only trained on certain types of cranes, others learn to operate two or three cranes. Crane operators receive high salaries for their heavy equipment knowledge and skills.

Different kinds

Use different types of faucets in different environments and environments. Usually 7 cranes are used depending on the project, the purpose of the work and the environment.

  1. Telescopic crane

Telescopic cranes have a boom in which several pipes are mounted together. The hydraulic mechanism then expands or contracts the tube to expand or contract the arm.

  1. Truck crane.

This is the simplest type of crane, consisting of a steel girder or telescopic boom, found on some mobile platforms. The platform can be mounted on wheels, rails, or a cat cart. The boom is hinged to the floor and can be raised or lowered using cables or hydraulic cylinders.

  1. Truck mounted crane

This type of crane is mounted on a truck with rubber tires and has excellent maneuverability. The stabilizer can be extended vertically or horizontally to stabilize and level the crane when lifting material.

  1. Rough terrain crane

The crane is mounted on a frame with four rubber tires and is designed for off-road use. The stabilizer can be extended vertically and horizontally for stabilization and leveling when lifting large loads. This type of crane is a single engine crane, so the same engine is used to drive the chassis and the crane.

  1. Loader crane

This is a hydraulic articulated boom crane on a trailer. Cargo cranes are used to load equipment onto trailers. The crane can be folded into several parts and, when not in use, fits into a small space. The folding function makes it easy to transport the crane.