Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd

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Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd – Cosmetic & Skincare Products Manufacturer


Organic Technique Aesthetics Sdn Bhd is a producer of skincare, haircare, body care, color cosmetics, and homecare. We are specialized in product development, with wide network of market intelligent, supplies and scientific backup.


Our products are uniquely tailored to specific consumer group, after a detail analysis of the consumer behavior and also market demands. Our products are further backed by scientific researches, six sigma methodology, and global regulatory compliance.


Our core business is product development and brand management, thus we are looking for business partner to market these products. We currently already have some brands, some already commercialized and some are ready-to-be commercialized as you can refer our website and contact us.


Our target customers are business owner of retail shop, middle man for export business, distributor, and e-commerce. The business form can be exclusive distributor (regional or global), exclusive brand owner, ODM or private label, or traditional trading (without sales commitment).


We also welcome stokist and drop-shipping as we can arrange you to liaise with our distributor.