Finding The Ideal Mattress For A Blissful Night Sleep

Look for the Ideal Mattress

Going by the doctors’ recommendations, you spend about a third of your day sleeping. Whether the 8 hours are blissful or full of turns and tosses depends on your mattress.

The reason?

Well, a mattress can significantly impact your sleep. As Decker, a Georgia State University’s associate professor explains: too much pressure on any given body part minimizes blood flow via the capillaries depriving the skin cells of oxygen and nutrients.

This’s mainly experienced when you lie in the same position for long causing the skin’s pain sensors to signal your brain for you to turn over. Unfortunately, this briefly interrupts your sleep.


So, Which Mattress Is Right For You?

Ideally, any mattress that can cut down the pressure points can yield a better sleep. However, the ideal mattress is different for each individual, making mattress selection a personal process.

Despite that, some facts are just definite. Therefore, rather than focusing on the brand name and price tag in your selection, think about:


Choosing the Right Mattress


1. Style

While some people prefer a softer mattress, others settle for a hard one. Yes, there’s no scientific evidence as to what texture result in a better night sleep so, the personal prevalence stands.

Logically though, if you’re on a soft mattress, you’re likely to sink to the bottom. When on a hard one, on the other hand, you’ll experience too much pressure around your head, shoulders, and sacrum.

According to experts, a medium-firm mattress, or a hard mattress with a soft pillow top will strike a balance between support and cushioning.

On its end, a space-age memory foam mattress though costly can be ideal. It not only helps with back problems but also improves sleep by reducing motion transfer. I.e. letting you sleep while your partner tosses and turns.


2. Adjustability

An adjustable bed is a cool purchase, especially when in need of raising your head when sleeping. Doctors recommend this for people with COPD as it helps them breathe easier.

An elevated head also helps prevent heartburn from GERD. In addition, an adjustable mattress can help adjust your knees and hips to a 90-degree, relieving pressure on some joints.


3. Washability Of The Mattress Encasing

Allergic individuals are likely to fall for a hypoallergenic mattress which cost them thousands. We’re not saying it’s a lie, but there’re no scientific claims supporting the existence of a material that does not support the growth of dust mites.

So, instead of following some sales tag, settle for a washable mattress encasing as the case cuts allergen growth by robbing their food supply.



The above guide has given you some insights on how to select a mattress, right? The best method though is testing a mattress before buying.

Don’t be embarrassed to lay on a mattress in a store for 30 minutes before purchasing. If uncomfortable with that, try taking note of the mattress you sleep on in various hotels.

But if all these are such a hassle, visit Sealy & Dreamnite. They got your back on all matters mattresses guarantying a blissful night sleep.


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