Choosing A Cooker Hood In Malaysia

Getting a cooker hood in Malaysia is a great way of making sure that your kitchen stays clean. Cooking will generate greasy fumes that may cause unsightly stains on your walls and cabinets. Cooker hoods are designed to suck out these air and vent them outside, or in some models, filter and recirculate the air. With so many different types and models to choose from, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your kitchen.



This is the first thing that you should consider when wanting to purchase a cooker hood. Depending on the design and layout of your kitchen, air vents might be or might not be easily accessible. Ducted cooker hoods need a dedicated air duct to channel the exhaust fumes and some kitchens do not allow this. In that case, ductless models are better as they only require a power supply and mounting.


Suction power

While you might be tempted to get a cheaper model with lower suction power, it is simply not worth it. A standard cooker hood should be able to vent 10 times the amount of air in your kitchen every hour. This makes sure that it is able to do its job properly. A powerful motor will make sure that all the smoke and fumes are properly exhausted and filtered.



Cooker hoods come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, larger-sized ones are usually followed by a larger motor and wider vents as well. While not everybody needs a huge hood, you should use the number of hobs you have as a standard reference. If you have more than two cook hobs, you should definitely get a larger one.



Modern cooker hobs are not just a piece of electrical appliance. They are carefully designed to complement your kitchen interior. Modern designs even come with decorative elements such as tempered glass and different coated finish. Choosing the right one can make the cooker hood a centrepiece that guests will appreciate as well.



No guide is complete without having a discussion about the price tag. You should be pretty sure of how much you are willing to fork out for this particular item. By setting a budget, you can easily narrow down the selections that are available for you.