3 No-Brainer Ways To Remain Ahead Of Age-Related Vision Loss

Taking Care of Your Eye & Vision

We all know how important the eyes are, right? So, let’s get straight to 3 easy practices that will help us stay ahead of age-related vision loss.


1. Use Safety Eyewear

You only have one set of eyes which means, you should protect them at all cost. Whether at home, work, while traveling etc.

If you encounter hazardous materials (of whatever nature), it would be wise to wear protective goggles or safety glasses.

When engaged in sports such as hockey, lacrosse, or racquetball: sports that can result in an eye injury, wear eye protection. I.e. helmets with face masks or goggles with polycarbonate lenses.


2. Wear Sunglasses

The dangers of too much exposure to UV rays can’t be overemphasized. From eye cataracts to macular degeneration, it’s no wonders there are repeated warnings on the same.

To avoid this, get the right pair of shades. Those that can block 99% – 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Consider including wraparounds to protect the eyes from the side too.

While driving, try polarized lenses as they reduce the glare. Note, you can still put on sunglasses even if you do wear contact lenses.

Again, this applies when there’s a need to stare at a computer screen for long. To safeguard your eyes:

  • Ensure that your shades or contact lenses are good for looking at a phone/computer screen for long. Consult a doctor on what glasses to settle for.
  • Ensure your eyes are always level with the top of the screen to achieve that slightly downward look at the monitor
  • Avoid glare from the screen. Minimize the brightness as much as possible
  • If your eyes get dry, blink more
  • Rest your eyes (away from the screen) every 20 minutes. Take a 15-minute break after every two hours away from the screen


Food & Nutrition for Vision Care


3. Eat Healthily

This can’t be overemphasized. Ensure you include essential nutrients such as Zinc, lutein, Vitamin E, C, & A, and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

In addition, just practice clean and healthy eating. For in so doing, you’ll lower chances of obesity and associated diseases such as type 2 diabetes – a leading cause of blindness.



In addition to visiting your eye doctor regularly, be sure to eat healthily, wear sunglasses, and incorporate safety eyewear in your next hockey match.

Yes, these are no-brainer points but it’s good to be reminded, right?

The good news is, you don’t have to be alone in your journey of improving and maintaining a good vision. With their over 20 years’ experience in the vision care industry, OPTIMAX is dedicated to solving your eye problems if not restoring your eyesight.


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