Top 3 Comic Bookstores In Malaysia

In this digital age, the single click of a button can get you anything and anywhere online. The same goes for reading comic books and graphic novels. However, nothing beats the hands-on feeling of opening up a new sealed comic book for the first time.

Reading on a screen is simply incomparable to flipping through the vibrant pages of a comic book for the first time. This is exactly why the comic book industry is still thriving despite modern digitalization. However, you might wonder just where you are able to get some physical copies for yourself.

Here are the top 3 comic books stores in Malaysia where you can definitely get your hands on some of the best comics available.


Gempak Starz

As one of the most familiar names in the local comic book industry, Gempak Starz is no stranger in dealing with comic books and graphic novels. With a history spanning more than a decade, they are among the veterans in the industry.

Originally specializing in local comic books, an international collaboration with Japanese giants Kadokawa Corporation has made them one of the top comic book stores in Malaysia. With the backings of Kadokawa – one of the most respected names in comic book publication, Gempak Starz has one of the most diverse selections of comic books and graphic novels. Other than that, they also supply merchandise and memorabilia from your favourite animes and mangas as well.


Popular Book Company (M) Sdn Bhd

The familiar red and white signboard is definitely one of the most recognizable sights anywhere. POPULAR Book Store is one of the most established book stores in the country simply due to their comprehensive catalog. Here, you are able to find a wide range of reading materials such as academic reference books, novels, comics, manga, and graphic novels.

In addition, they even supply stationery items and basic electronics which make them one of the most diversified book stores available in the country. The main perk of buying in POPULAR is that they cater to a wide audience. You can get comic books in English, Malay and even Mandarin! Other than that, you can almost always find them in a shopping mall near you.



Kinokuniya Book Stores (M) Sdn Bhd

Kinokuniya is a famous international chain of bookshops that originated from Japan. Located in Suria KLCC, the book store has always been known for having some of the most complete collection of reading materials. This extensive coverage, of course, extends to their collection of comic books and graphic novels as well.

Here, you can usually find rare titles and issues of comic books that can be rarely found elsewhere. If you cannot find it, you can always make a custom order from the bookstore. This makes Kinokuniya the go-to comic book store in Malaysia for those trying to look for rare copies and less-known titles.


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