Alright, so you decided to move. Let’s get straight to the point, moving a piano is not easy at all. It is large, bulky, oddly shaped, and very, very heavy. Most of the time, pianos weigh more than 150kgs and there are even some that weigh 250kg onwards.


Pianos are also sensitive and delicate instruments to begin with. A slight bump or knock can easily cause an unsightly dent or worse, a crack. These could even potentially affect the acoustics and sound quality of the piano. Before you move, check out some of our tips to help you move your piano.



This is the single most important part to consider when moving a piano. Pianos are usually oddly shaped with many protruding parts and bulging components. Adding sufficient padding will help to avoid any scratches or blemishes. Having to refurbish a damaged surface is no cheap business at all. Any good piano moving service will definitely give your piano plenty of padding to prep for the move.


Clear the path

Even the smallest upright pianos or baby grand pianos are also quite large and heavy.  This means that you should always clear a path to the exit before you try to move it. This prevents your piano from bumping into any objects. Also, the last thing you want while moving the piano is to have your movements hindered by a random stool or coffee table.


Get extra hands

Even the best weightlifters cannot handle moving a piano on his own. To make sure that no one gets injured, you should assemble a team to help you with moving the piano. An extra pair of hands can potentially save someone a sprained back. Especially if you have your piano upstairs, moving it down the stairs can easily cause injuries if not handled properly. Get a few buddies to help you out and treat them to a nice meal afterwards.


Get a professional piano moving service

Doing it yourself can save yourself a few bucks, but it can be tiring. You could also risk damaging your piano in the process. Most professional movers offer piano moving services as well. Professional moving companies will have the necessary equipment and manpower required to move your piano safely and securely.


If you do not mind breaking a sweat, you can always move the piano yourself. Just remember to get a few of your buddies to help out. On the other hand, just get a professional piano moving service if you think that it’s too much of a hassle to do so.