What Updates Are The Smartest Choice to Help Improve Windows Efficiency

single paned window and multipane windows

With the current economy, it’s vital for every homeowner to maximize on minimizing energy consumption, the ultimate goal being -> owning a zero energy building. Energy efficient windows are a key player in achieving that goal given that heat regulation via windows consumes 25% -30% of residential thermal regulation energy.

The downside, an energy saving window can cost you up to $800 when installed. Therefore, if you`ll be updating or replacing all the windows in your home, will it be worthwhile? Let’s take a look and see what updates are the smartest choice


1. Single Pane Window Replacement

Leaky, aging windows are a big nightmare to your utility bills. And single pane windows on a warped wooden frame can’t beat the energy performance of an efficient window.

Luckily, most homes are not in this condition given that a majority already have double pane windows installed.

Now, replacing or updating a double paned window with an ENERGY START rated one won’t save as much energy as when replacing a single paned window. In fact, the payback period may be too long.

However, don’t give up the idea yet. Besides saving up to lots of money in energy consumption, new windows boost your home property value and soundproof your house.


Multi-Pane Windows


2. Multi-Pane Windows

Multi-pane windows though expensive, are super effective at insulating homes. They create air pockets in between the sandwiched glass sheets which are then tightly sealed to prevent any air movement.

In the end, more gasses are added to increases their efficiency.

Are they worth it? The extra price incurred is a wise long-term investment.


3. Low-Emissivity Coatings

The coatings are designed to control the movement of the sun`s heat energy around a home. An exterior coating keeps the heat out while allowing the sunlight into the house while an interior coating ensures thermal heat retention in the house.

When opting for this, take note of their visible transmittance (VT) rating. This`s because they’re slightly tinted and the added layers of glass though transparent, can block a significant amount of light from your home.

If worse, you may be required to rely on electric light during the day!



We believe you have settled for the best update. But there`s this one last thing – even the most efficient windows can result in a drafty and dumpy house if not properly installed which calls for a trained installer.

Do I have to choose a reputable installer too? We know, we’re overwhelmed too. But did you know that you can have all your architectural windows` problems solved within the snap of your finger?

You can. Just visit Trend Thermal, manufacturers and designers dedicated to guiding you in every step of improving your windows efficiency.


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