Why Rubber Flooring Is Such A Sensation Among Industries

Rubber Flooring & Rolls

Rubber flooring is gaining popularity by the day. From the commercial and educational sector to residential applications. In fact, rubber is the standard athletic flooring material all around the world.

But why? Well, other than being versatile which makes it usable for multi-function floors, here are its other benefits.


1. It’s Durable

Rubber is one resilient material, resulting in a soft, comfortable feel on a stable floor. Ideally, the thicker the rubber flooring the softer it is. Therefore, numerous types of rubber flooring are added foam-rubber backing or cushioning from cork and other fabrics to make them thicker, softer, and stable consequently reducing fatigue and feet injury.

An example is the Vulcanized rubber flooring that supports leg exertion in addition to reducing muscle stress. Thanks to its density, a rubber floor can hold weighty impacts without breaking or bending. This in addition to its water and chemical resistance increases its durability.


Rubber Flooring for Sport


2. Safety

As described above, rubber flooring material is soft yet provide adequate cushioning to users. It also provides protection in addition to excellent shock absorption. The flooring material meets all the requirements for slip resistance, rotation, traction, stability, and surface abrasion set by various federations around the globe.

What that means is that the floor provides the user with a good grip, guard them against sliding while still being soft underfoot. It’s these factors that make it one of the safest flooring option in the market today.


3. Easy To Install & Maintain

Rubber flooring is easy to install and maintain.  It’s available in tiles made perfectly flat for fast installation either in a square format for gluing or precisely cut interlocks.

Others, the puzzle rubber tiles just click together without adhesives. Given that rubber flooring is a permanent solution to a flooring problem, you’d consider rubber sheets or rubber rolls when covering an existing floor.

When it comes to maintenance, the flooring solution is resistant to a majority of staining agents. Therefore, only a few products can discolor or mar its surface. Rubber is also water resistant making it invulnerable to molds and mildew. Thus, keeping rubber surfaces clean is pretty easy, you just need a damp mop and a neutral cleaner/detergent.



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