4 Key Reasons Why Dentist Visits Important As We Age

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You might remember to conduct a regular medical checkup since you were young, but when is the last time you went for a dental checkup? Dental care spans a lifetime. In fact, you should visit the dentist more often as you age for the following key reasons. Note, this goes for everyone. Whether you have no teeth, got yours restored or replaced, or have dentures.


1. Gravity

Our teeth and mouth bony substructure can change, shift, and deteriorate with time thanks to gravity. When that happens, the upper lip lengthens, the facial skin tends to droop while the dental arches narrow.

As a consequent of the narrowed crescent shape, the teeth are crowded, a painful process that not only make it hard to clean our teeth but also alters the aesthetics of our smile over time. It’s this lack of facial support that results in saggy facial skin too.

A dentist comes in handy as they can easily clean your mouth alongside preventing or detecting oral ailments early. That’s important because… oh boy, curative dentistry is super expensive.

Note, poor oral hygiene can cause building up of tartar under the gums leading to inflammation and other gum diseases. These, in turn, result in gum recession exposing the root, a part of a tooth more susceptible to decay.

If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to loss of teeth altogether which means lesser facial support and more droopy skin.


2. Stress

As we age, we take on more and more responsibilities which translates to more stress. Unfortunately, if unresolved, too much stress can wreak havoc your gums and teeth. Gum disease, canker sores, TMJ disorder, and poor oral hygiene are just a few ways in which stress can harm your mouth.

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Stress handicaps the immune system making you prone to periodontal diseases. In addition, stressful situations can trigger teeth grinding or overuse of jaw muscles resulting in TMJ disorder.

Too much stress has been found to make individuals neglect themselves, their dental health practices. Again, stress robs you of adequate sleep depriving the energy needed to brush and floss your teeth.

Worse, stress causes one to crave sugary foods that create an optimal environment for bacteria that cause gum disease to thrive! With all that, the fact remains that though they can be minimized, stresses of life can never be quenched which makes trips to the dentist vital.


Important of Visit Dentist


3. Medication

As we age, we are more susceptible to certain ailments, some chronic due to body changes. The problem is that most of these disease’s medications result in a dry mouth. Why is that bad?

Well, saliva not only washes and cleanses your tooth but also contain enamel-protective elements; which means, lack of this liquid can boost decay-causing plaque alongside decreasing your ability to swallow food.

Moreover, inflammatory illnesses affect the oral cavity while the likes of diabetes lead to poor healing and inability to overcome bacterial infections in the teeth and gums. Yes, taking these medications at night can help minimize the cost of their side effects, however, a visit to a dental care clinic is vital.


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4. Overall health

Did you know that bacteria from your mouth can be inhaled into the lungs causing pneumonia? Yes, that can happen to make trips to the dentist for cleaning rather important. In addition, there’s a tenderness of the nerves inside your gum and teeth to become narrower and less sensitive with age.

Which means, it may take you too long to feel pain from a cavity and when it happens it might be too late to alter the course towards losing your tooth.  That’s to say, visits to your dentists are your best defense in the fight against age-related dental problems.



There’s the misconception that we’ve to lose teeth as we age, but the truth of the matter is: no, we don’t. In fact, regular visits to your dentists will have you turn heads with that beautiful smile. And who is better fitted to have all your dental issues solved than Tiew Dental?


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