4 Simple Yet Significant Practices In Recruitment Process For You

Hiring progress good pratices

As an organization, it pays to note that the recruitment procedure involves going after A-level candidates. Candidates that aren’t actually actively looking for a job.

Top-shelf individuals that are probably treated and paid well by their current employer. That’s to say, successive recruitment calls for company officials to have a proactive mindset. One that will:


1. Establish & Follow A Strategic Hiring Process

A recruitment process is like a sales function only that here, product or services are replaced with a job position. And like all sales, it’s paramount to have a laid out plan that will be followed throughout the sales process.


This step can be achieved in two ways:

1. In the case of an internal HR team, the business should invest in top-notch recruiters and ensure their continuous development as far as recruitment skills are concerned.

2. When outsourcing is the way to go, the company should establish a strong, positive bond with the recruitment specialists as this will encourage them to do your work efficiently and effectively ensuring a quality hire.


Recruitment Process


2. Create A Career Website

We’re in the digital era. Therefore, it’s advantageous for a business to have a website where the recruitment process will be carried out from.


With a career website:

  • You can post job vacancies which save on sourcing as it will be on candidates to approach the company
  • There’ll be savings on labor, time and opportunity costs due to streamlining of the hiring process
  • There’ll be an enhancement of the business brand and reputation
  • There’ll be improved candidate quality


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3. Take Advantage Of Technology

As a small business, you can reduce the recruitment cost by utilizing smart sourcing and recruiting technologies. Yes, gone are the days when technology was only accessible to the big leagues.

Therefore, take advantage of social networks, social platforms, job board & recruitment process automation, talent pools, applicant tracking system among others.


4. Establish An Excellent Candidate Relationship Management

Here, ensure that every candidate has a good experience with the business regardless of whether or not they’ll be hired at the end of the recruitment process. And, the relationship should continue even after the hiring process in that, the candidates would still be interested in applying for a position should there be another opening.


To do this:

  • Establish a convenient communication mean where all the parties involved in the process can communicate
  • Allow the candidates to create and manage recruitment profiles in your talent pool or database
  • Keep the candidates updated about the recruitment process



There you have it! And yes, recruiting is never easy. Besides these, you should practice compliance management while encouraging the involvement of the entire organization in the hiring process. Now, that’s just hiring. There’ll be onboarding, payroll, conflict resolution, monitoring and so on.

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