How To Easily Pinpoint The Exact Location Of A Water Leak

the exact location for water leaking

Leaks lead to dampness. Dampness leads to secondary damage to a structure, paint, plaster, wallpaper, and furniture. In addition, unwanted moisture boosts the replication of fungi on surfaces, causing rot and may eventually result in the sick building syndrome.

In a more tangible form, household water leaks can waste over 1 trillion gallons annually.  An amount equivalent to the annual household water use of 11 million families.

In the same light, fixing easily- corrected water leaks can save you about 10% on the water bill.

However, we can`t fix the leak if we can`t detect it`s location, right?

Well, here`s how to easily pinpoint the exact location of a water leak.

Just use….


Water Leaking Solution


1. Leak Locators

These are tools that can help you locate leaks (both known and unknown) in a water distribution system. They can be simple or technically sophisticated based on the need, but basically, all that`s needed is a ground microphone and some earpiece.

Thanks to technology, you can even find better detectors; those with high-end noise sensors and audio processors that can eliminate loud and background noises.

An improvement that helps improve accuracy even in noisy environments alongside distinguishing a pinhole leak from a large crack.

Leak locators are easy to use as they put a numeric value to noises, enabling one to know when drawing closer to a leak. The downside, you must have accurate markings, maps, GIS, or a pipe locator.


2. Leak Noise Correlators

These tools are used to mathematically pinpoint the location of a leak between two sensors; a cool technology based on Engineers determination of the speed of sound through pipes of different sizes and materials.

Here, the leak sound is assumed to travel down the pipe away from the leak. The detected speeds are then programmed into software after which a mathematical formula can be used to gauge the time difference taken by the sound to reach a series of sensors.

To determine the distance of the leak from a sensor, you`ll just require to know the size, material, and the pipe footage between the sensors.

Leak correlators are accurate and can simultaneously detect multiple leaks between two sensors. However, it`s always advisable to run a check with a ground microphone.



Whether working for a utility with fifty or thousands of users, there are tools to help detect leaks consequently reducing non-revenue water loss.  However, for a household or a startup business, making use of these tools can be too expensive.

And that`s where Top Grade water leakage contractor comes in. With their over 30 years of experience in leakage solution; they are best suited to address many water leakage problems at a price that augers well with your budget.


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