Essential Air Travel Tips

The invention of air travel has truly made this world a connected place. Business and organizations are no longer limited by geography in their operations. Travelling by plane is both fast, safe and efficient. If you are constantly flying whether for business or leisure purposes, here are some useful tips air travel a breeze.

Reach early

Yes, we know that this has been repeated over and over again. But you will be surprised at just how many people actually ignore this simple tip. Arriving last minute means that you have to rush and probably run to the check-in counter. You might even be drenched in sweat the moment you sit down in the plane – which would probably draw some unpleasant glances from other passengers. This is why you should always reach early and take the time to relax before taking flight. You can even catch a quick nap!

Get a quality luggage

If you are willing to buy expensive clothes and gear, you should definitely invest in a quality luggage bag. After all, it’s the only thing that is keeping all your belongings safe in one piece. Luggage loading is not exactly a gentle process, to begin with. If by any means, your luggage is probably getting thrown and hauled around. Getting a good quality and sturdy luggage bag will not leave you worrying about the state of your belongings when it comes out at baggage collection.

Motion sickness

If you are prone to getting motion sickness, air travel might be a less-than-pleasant experience for you. However, there are some things that you can do to make it more bearable. First, you can always pop some motion sickness pills before you board. This is arguably the most effective counter-measure. Next, imagine the plane as a seesaw where the middle part is the pivot. Getting seats here is going to make sure that your ride is less shaky and bumpy.

Comfort items

Airport seats are notoriously uncomfortable, the same could be said for some in-flight seats as well. Getting a neck pillow is going to make sure you do not end up with a twisted neck after a 10-hour flight. Other than that, you can also load up your smartphone or tablet with the latest movies and TV shows to keep yourselves entertained throughout the flight. While most aeroplanes offer infotainment systems, they can also be unreliable.


Almost all airlines offer some form of travel insurance. However, the one that we want to highlight here is luggage insurance or baggage cover. Mishaps can happen and they can be very costly.  Yes, you are paying for something that might not happen at all. But when it happens, you will be wishing that you had paid that small premium.