Effective Tips to Make the Post-Delivery Recovery Quicker

Post-Delivery Recovery

Welcoming the little bundle of joy must be thrilling and exciting for you as a new mother. But you must not forget that your body has gone through a lot of stress, fatigue, and exhaustion during the delivery.

Hence, along with feeling the happiest person in the world, you must pay attention to the needs of your body. The better care you’ll take of yourself, the quicker will be the healing of your body.

A large proportion of Malaysian mothers do follow traditional postpartum practices to keep future ill-health at bay. To make your recovery during the post-natal phase a quicker one, here are a few additional tips you can follow:

Tips to Make the Post-Delivery Recovery Quicker

1. Don’t Stress Your Body

Whether it’s lifting heavy objects or climbing the stairs, anything that stresses your body, avoid doing that. As a new mom, make sure you get enough rest for the first 40 days post-delivery.

Whether you have had a C-section or a normal delivery, give your body the time it needs to heal the wounds. Give your womb the time it needs to contract itself which will automatically boost healthy and quicker recovery, instead of opting for strenuous exercises of any kind to get in shape.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Avoiding foods that have no benefits to offer to the body has a key role to play in ensuring a quicker postnatal recovery.

While following a healthy diet filled with protein-rich items takes care of the strengthening and nourishment of your body, consuming necessary vitamins and extra nutrients help in speeding up the recovery.

3. Stay Well Hydrated

Staying well hydrated is of crucial importance both before and after delivery. Proper hydration not only boosts the milk production, but it also ensures overall wellbeing by flushing out the toxins from the body and increasing the energy levels.

For new moms, for a successful breastfeeding, staying hydrated is of great significance.

4. Opt For Post-Natal Body Massage

Believe it or not, but post-natal body massages are meant to boost the recovery of the new moms while helping them to recover the hormonal balance.

Yes, speeding up the body processes, post-delivery body massages can prove to be extremely helpful in decreasing the swellings and easing the discomforts, if there’s any.


Remember, the post-delivery period can be a really tough time for any mother. While on the one hand, you have to adapt to the needs of your infant; on the other, you have to pay proper attention to your health as well.

After all, if you’re healthy, you’ll recover quickly and your little one will be healthy too. There are many specialized mother and child centers in Malaysia that can guide you in the right direction.