5 Do’s And Don’ts During The Postpartum Confinement Period

Tips for Postpartum Confinement


When you got to know that you’re pregnant you must have read almost all the articles and blogs available out there to ensure a healthy pregnancy. But have you researched anything about how to take care of yourself after you deliver the baby?

Well, often people fail to understand the importance of postpartum confinement period. But it’s an equally important phase and requires even more care and attention than before.

So, let’s take a look at what the new mums should and shouldn’t do for a better postpartum experience.


Tips for New Mom After Birth


The 5 Must Do’s During The Postpartum Confinement Period

  1. Do ask for help whenever you need it. Make sure you get enough sleep and rest during your post-natal phase as it will prove to be crucial for a speedy and proper recovery in the coming days.
  2. Make sure to drink a lot of water and depend on a good nutritional diet. Because when you nurture your baby, you need to be strong and healthy enough.
  3. Opt for sanitary napkins instead of tampons and do change them after every 4 hours to avoid infections.
  4. Do move and walk carefully and slowly to prevent your wounds from becoming worse.
  5. Have shower daily to keep your perineum area clean and infection free.


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The 5 Mustn’t Do’s During The Postpartum Confinement Period

  1. Don’t opt for cold beverages or cold food for at least the first 90 or 100 days post-delivery as they can affect the stomach and spleen of the new mum, and slower the recovery process.
  2. Don’t try to be a superwoman right after your delivery. Yes, don’t think about multitasking, rather, share the works and responsibilities with others.
  3. Saying yes to sex won’t be a good idea at all at least for the first 2 months after delivery as your body and muscles will be sore and tender. Have sex once your doctor gives you the post-natal green signal.
  4. Don’t carry or lift heavy objects and don’t make abrupt and sudden movements.
  5. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight fitting around the perineal area as it can not only make you feel uncomfortable but can also increase the risk of infection.


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Child-birth is undoubtedly one of the most strenuous and difficult processes that a female body undergoes. Hence, preparing only for pregnancy and delivery won’t be enough.

You need to know about the do’s and don’ts during the postpartum confinement period as well to enjoy the arrival of your little one to the fullest.

Moreover, it is always best to seek guidance and due assistance from reputed confinement care service providers in Malaysia. What next? Get looking for some wonderful toys for your newborn!