Why You Should Choose A Photo Book Over A Photo Album?

Choose A Photo Book

Whether in need of sharing your big day’s or every day’s memories, nothing beats the print. And this applies to professionals too – photographers interested in showcasing their line of products to clients.

However, there’s making a choice between an album and a photo book. Today, we’re opting for the latter for the following reasons:


1. You Can Choose The Print Paper

With a Photo Album, pictures are printed on a standard Kodak Endura Professional Lustre Photo paper. A pre-determined paper with a slight sheen and a UV protective coating.

On their end, photo books are printed onto the press paper of your choice. Which means, you get to choose elements such as paper size, color, texture etc. In addition, you can easily write on a press-paper compared to a Lustre one which makes photo books the perfect travel journals.


2.  You’re Not Limited By Photo Spaces

The number of photos that can be added in an album is dependent on the number of spaces available in that album. That is, 50 spaces = 50 photos.

In fact, album builders can add up to 100 photos for a thin paged album and only 50 photos for thick paged ones. On their end, photo books lack a substrate allowing more pages into the book. The reason why you can have a photo book with over 100 pages that still look classy and stylish.


Looking at a Photobook


3. Flexible Construction

Album photos are printed on a Lustre paper reinforced by a substrate, a material that boosts the rigidity of the resulting pages. While this increases the durability of the album, it reduces its flexibility. The substrate results in a substantially heavier memory print too.

Photobooks, however, are thinner and lightweight making their storage and transportation easier. Photo books are bound with an inimitable precision using proprietary technology to yield a durable series of memories under a customizable cover.

What of templates? Simply put, you have the power to choose the background, layouts, templates, cover and binding options for your photo book.



Yes, if you’re in need of a modern, professional looking photo pages, photo books are the way to go. You can customize everything – from the photos to cover options. Therefore, if in need of showcasing or preserving your favorite photos, create a killer photo book here, today.

Pro Tip: Always remember to quick check your project before placing an order. This’s so as what you make is what we print! We’re built, inspired and moved forward by your creativity and unique perspective and thus rarely make changes.


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