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Tips for Business Event Management

How to Organize A Company Event Successfully

Event management is a necessary procedure which has increasingly gained considerable importance in this millennial generation. It plays a vital role in the planning and executing of an event. An unplanned event will go wrong. Organizing an event is quite demanding, tasking, and time-consuming as several things are meant to be considered while planning and organizing it for it to be successful....
Identifying and Hiring Great Talent

5 Simple Facts You Should Consider When Identifying and Hiring Great Talent

Achieving great hires is all about identifying great talents! And often, they`re not as per your expectations. In fact, they may not be a slam dunk for your company on paper, but their interests and passions are! Given that the best performers are at least 5 times more effective & productive than an average contributor, recruiting great talents is a huge competitive advantage. But before...