Breastfeeding – An Important Traditional Post-Natal Confinement Practice

why breastfeeding is important

It’s a fact that more and more modern day women are finding various traditional post-delivery confinement practices to be odd and unnecessary.

While many Malaysian women are following traditional practices, some are shying away from traditional post-partum practices like not bathing for weeks or wearing socks.

However, there’s one traditional confinement practice that should never ever be ignored or tampered with i.e. breastfeeding the newborn. No matter how tiring it may sound, but this traditional practice has some significant benefits which you must know about.

why new born baby need breastfeeding

1. Meeting The Baby’s Need

Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients that a newborn need for healthy growth for the first six months, immediately after birth. As the baby’s need continues to change with each passing days, breast milk also morphs accordingly to meet the needs of the baby.

The ‘premilk’ or colostrum that comes right after delivery offers all the proteins and antibodies required by the newborn during the first-day post-delivery.

2. Boosting The Baby’s Growth

After a few days when full milk starts to come in, it is exactly what the baby needs for a healthy growth.

Being higher in volume and in protein and sugar, this mature milk is a must for babies during the confinement period which boosts the baby’s growth.

3. Helps in Developing Closeness

Gone are the days of staying confined to home for months post-delivery and going all insane. To meet with the demands of modern lifestyle new mums often have to go out for medical check-ups or grocery shopping.

But, there’s no substitute, no alternative for breastfeeding.Especially during the confinement period, breastfeeding promotes a close bond between the mother and the baby. The skin-to-skin contact makes it easier for the baby to latch on to its mother.

4. Heals the Body, Offers Protection

Helping the uterus to contract, for new mums, breastfeeding the new-born not only helps in losing all the pregnancy weight but also reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer.

For newborns, breastfeeding offers a protection from the risks of stomach upsets, allergies, virus attacks, and infections.


No matter how old and traditional breastfeeding may sound, strictly abiding with this one practice can prove to be beneficial for the new mums as well as the infants.

So, don’t replace breastfeeding with any other modern day solutions or shy away from it, especially during the confinement period, to enjoy a healthy and happy motherhood! You can consult any specialized confinement center in Malaysia for more guidance.