Benefits Of Injection Molding In Home Plastic Products

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Plastics could be said to be the backbone of every household. From food preservation to home improvements and gardening solutions, their benefits are unmatched. They’re the go-to when in need of saving money, reducing waste and conserving energy.

And as if things couldn’t be any better, injection molding is revolutionizing the plastic world to result in the following benefits:


1. Enhanced Strength

Ever thought that you could compare the toughness of plastic to that of a metal? Now you can!

Injection molding enhances the structural strength of the plastics to result in a tougher material that can be used just as a metal, only lighter in weight.

This’s made possible as with the process, you can combine resins of different tensile strength, impact strength, heat deflection, the flexural modulus of elasticity, and water absorption to achieve the required structural strength and stability.

Mind you, this is never at the expense of their flexibility.


2. Increased Durability

By nature, plastics are durable but molding takes their longevity to another level. These plastics have an increased resistance to corrosion, enhanced toughness to reduce wear and tear, and design superior flexibility to minimize breakages.

In addition, plastic injection molding offers the same tight tolerance as metals. It also reduces the number of fasteners required to assemble parts increasing the life of the assembled product.


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3. The Thermoplastics Are Recyclable

Being non-biodegradable, there’s every need for plastics to be recycled. A process that’s more than a recycling symbol leading plastics to a recycling bin. But did you know that not all plastics are recyclable?

Yes, those straws and coffee cups are not recyclable!



a. There are two types of plastics: thermoplastics and thermosets and the latter can

t be re-molded following an irreversible chemical bond between its polymers. It’s the same case for thin multi-layered products like wrapping papers and coffee cups.

b. Recycling downgrades the quality of plastic by shortening its polymer chain. This limits the number that a piece of plastic can be recycled to a maximum of three.


Now, these are the two weak points that plastic injection molding focuses on improving.



We’re in the plastic era. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, plastic has slowly progressed to become a household name, a staple for families around the world. To fuel its prominence, injection molding is here with us.

Lucky for you, you got a partner, Tigerware to help you navigate the molding journey with ease. Having worked with big brands such as KFC, Proton, and Ovaltine among others, Tigerware is your go to as far as home plastic products are concerned.


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