Benefits of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts refer to gift items that you give to your clients, employees or even visitors during an event or trade show. Some might argue that giving out corporate gifts is an additional financial burden. However, it is an undeniable fact that corporate gifting does bring a lot of benefits to your company. Here are some of the benefits of corporate gifts that make them well worth the price tag.


1. Increasing brand awareness

The number one reason as to why corporate gifting is still a popular practice is definitely to increase brand awareness. Whether you are launching a new product line or service, giving out corporate gifts can always be an effective marketing strategy. Traditionally, most corporate gifts come engraved or printed with your own unique brand logo. Getting a customized lanyard from a lanyard supplier in Malaysia will give you tones of customization options. This makes it an excellent marketing tool when given out. Rather than thinking of it as additional cost, take it as paying for marketing merchandise.


2. Attract new clients

Corporate gifts are also excellent to bring in new clients for your company. Whenever you are giving them out during a tradeshow or event, you would definitely want to stand out among the rest. Corporate gifting plays its part by leaving a memorable first impression with your potential clients. For example, if you are trying to sell a new product, clients are more likely to engage with your company if you are giving out free samples as opposed to simply giving out flyers.


3. Maintain customer loyalty

Corporate gifts can also be given as a token of appreciation and also a gesture of goodwill. When received, clients are more likely to feel appreciated. The act of giving out corporate gifts is to let your clients know that they matter to you and that they are on your mind. The next time that you meet them for another business pitch, your corporate gift will definitely play a huge part in maintaining customer loyalty or any contract renewals.


4. Building employee relationship and morale

Aside from your clients, corporate gifts are also often given out to your own employees. This can be as a gift during a company event or function. Other than that, you can also give out corporate gifts as a token of appreciation especially for those who have been with you for a long time. This will definitely be able to build employee relationship and also boosting morale in the workplace when they feel appreciated by the company. In turn, they would be more motivated at work and therefore have increased productivity for your company.



Corporate gifting is more than just about giving away freebies. It is about building relationships and maintaining them while also attracting potential new leads.  UDesignconcept is an experienced corporate gift supplier. With years of experience, they definitely know about the art of corporate gifting. The next time you are looking for lanyards as a gift, UDesignconcept will be your reliable lanyard supplier in Malaysia, or any other types of corporate gift for that matter.


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